The house is a lovely villa designed by the architect Cortvriendt with a lot of space and comfort. We acquired this house in 2012 and after a year of renovation, we were glad to open our guest house in August 2013. 


From the beginning of the works, we decided to preserve what we could. The atmosphere of the seventies and the influence of the Armand and Gertrud Colling-Stahlecker  project contractor are present in the living room, the hall and several bathrooms.  


The travertine floor, the board ceilings and the split level bring out even more the sensation of spaciousness.


The house is located at the end of a dead-end on a 18 Ares property with a dominant view opened on the valley.. 


Long chairs are at your disposal to enjoy the weather in the garden or on the terrace. How about a drink on the picnic table?


The Garden remains accessible to every guest.


The close surroundings of the house were rearranged to our liking, however, the lower part of the garden, although accessible, remains wild: A way to protect the flora and the nests of our forest companions. 


As a matter of fact, our marvelous northern oak is sometimes the spot where red squirrels gather. The property encompasses about ten remarkable trees, mainly beech trees.